Do you think LeBron James or Serena Williams or Tom Brady or

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Do you think LeBron James or Serena Williams or Tom Brady or

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The first rule to remember is: you won’t get an impressive looking piece of antique furniture if you try to transform something that is just too modern looking, such as a: G Plan table, for example. Regardless of what you paint it and what techniques you use it will probably never look antique. So before you start to send piece furniture back into history find something that may have an antique look or feel to it.

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Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you keep making claims for everything insured. You probably don’t know that making a claim increases your premium rates. It is recommended not to make every claim you need to. Until recently, I believed that the only thing made with pancake batter. Was pancakes. However, now that I’m trying to be frugal with my food purchases, I think outside the box when it comes to cooking with limited ingredients.

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Don’t expect to get a reward unless you are willing to put in the effort. There are no shortcuts and although it may appear that someone else has arrived at success quickly, it will most likely not be the case, but instead, years of hard work, including practice, drive, motivation and persistence in the dark, followed by favorable results in the spotlight. Also, keep in mind, talent and education are not essential ingredients in the recipe for success.

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Unfortunately, it couldn’t be all smooth sailing. The wind pushed us steadily southeast, but if we had let it have its way, we would have ended up far east of the boat launch. So for the last leg of our journey, we had struggle perpendicular to the wind, which had picked up in the late afternoon.

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