The art market is different and it shapes the prices artists

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The art market is different and it shapes the prices artists

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Let’s take a look at three reasons why this near perfect jobs report likely spells good news for: workers, the economy, and ultimately your portfolio over the medium to long term.1. No Signs Of Trade Related Job Slowdown Yet I’m not the only one that has worried that rising trade war fears would lead to slower economic growth. In the Fed’s latest minutes, which highlight the Federal Open Market Committee’s or FOMC’s discussions about interest rate policies, the Fed specifically mentioned trade related uncertainty potentially dragging on the economy.Many District contacts expressed concern about the possible adverse effects of tariffs and other proposed trade restrictions, both domestically and abroad, on future investment activity; contacts in some Districts indicated that plans for capital spending had been scaled back or postponed as a result of uncertainty over trade policy.” FOMC minutesThe most trade sensitive sector of the economy is manufacturing, as it relies very heavily on a global supply chain for cheap inputs, as well as for export markets.(Source: Jeff Miller) Note Above 50 indicates growthHowever, thus far the worries over trade conflicts have yet to show up in the data.

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